Once upon a time, twenty years ago little more or little less, a music compilation curiously called: "Balumba Tombo".

Twenty years later, many names featured on that album meet around a mixer, joining "new forces" of the "no profit" music army to create what can be easily defined as the sequel. So, after a laborious work in progress, "Balumba Tombo reloaded" was born, the new compilation by PEDALE BAROQUE.

But it didn't end here! Less than two years later many of the artists & bands which didn't make it to "BALUMBA TOMBO RELOADED" were featured in "BALUMBA TOMBO REVOLUTION" (the sequel's sequel), with some "always present" ones which didn't want to miss the chance. But history repeats, and not even 3 years later, a brand new compilation called "MALACCA PATACCA" (the sequel of the sequel of the sequel) arrived. And for FREE!!! Many people consider it the sequel of the sequel, because it's clear that it starts from where Balumba Tombo revolution left off, but we prefer to consider it a new chapter. Many artists and bands are quite new to Pedale Baroque, but there were also very pleasant returns of several artists featured in the first compilation "Balumba Tombo reloaded" (the first of the new era) so that was the beginning of a new beginning and it's going to be like that forever!

Do you think surprises were over? Naaaaa, and in 2012 Pedale Baroque did it again with a new mini album called "THE EARTHQUAKE E.P." containing four new songs, earthquake-themed. Yes, the one that struck our land, Emilia (in Italy) in 2012. But not only, because everything is inspired by the great Emilian disaster, but it is also especially dedicated to the victims of all earthquakes anywhere in the world. Once again, even this Pedale Baroque release is available for FREE download only!!!

At the end of summer 2013 the project of a new compilation was born, to be implemented quickly and published even faster. Not by chance it was chosen the name "FRETTA & FURIA" (fast and furious or hurry & fury) and all the bands and artists called up were asked to write and record all 12 songs at the speed of sound. Unfortunately the disease of the producer Prof. Aramis Passepartout forced everyone to wait for several months just to complete the recordings and make the mixes so he could recover. So from a planned release late 2013, it slided to March 2014. But as often happens, it was well worth the waiting. So in that compilation we got 3 absolute new entries ("Ready, set, rats!", "Justin Biberon" and "Sigur Ronf" freshly signed by Pedale Baroque), 3 re-entries by ancient/historical Pedale Baroque acts which didn't enter any new millenium's compilations yet ("Nincompoops", ""Act Three Solution" and "I Cugini Tolstolobitz) and 6 recurring Pedale Baroque superstars with 6 brand new songs ("Sigismondo Paletta e i suoi condomini", "Rastamatic", "Ghandi goes to Bollywood", "I killed your grandma", "The Clyster Sisters" and "Frogassa")

And now 2015 promises extremely good things. Two compilations are planned! (it seems to be back in the golden "80's" era... LOL) The first one is "KON-TIKI-TAKI-TAH 2". The name suggests there was even a volume 1.. YES, there was, exactly in 1986. Not so many of the original featured artists are here, but it's nice to have a new era compilation linked to an old and historical one. No new entries this time but several "big names" of Pedale Baroque records. "Zacharias can't sleep" (for the first time singing in Italian!), "Bohèmien Flambé" & "Leonid Sdjalayev". Then "Jonah's Jubilee", rapidly becoming a name in the experimental/concrete music scene. And many happy comebacks, like the ones of "Magenta Darling" and their ravishing glam rock style, "Ok Corral" and their dark wave getting psychedelic, "Brigitte in banca" & "Gli Eternauti" with their respective dance approach, ending with the cinematic ambience of "Les Pingouins Pompières". Some of these never didn't appear on Pedale Baroque since the very first "new era's" compilations, Balumba Tombo reloaded (2007). And it doesn't end here, since the material in excess will be featured on a new compilation due for release on late November of the same year. (title has yet to be confirmed). All we can say is: ENJOY if you're still able!

But who's that people, what's those names? (maybe you're wondering) So, here's some little history. In the middle eighties there was a big ferment in music, both in the world as, indirectly, in Italy. Fashions were changing fast, in the name of the search for new, transgressive and not conventional. The new wave, the new romantics, the electronic music, etc. etc. Yes, they were also the years of the big technological revolution. Synthesizers, electronic instruments, multitrack tape recorders and the first home computers were about to change completely the approach to all kind of music. In this context a bunch of Italian artists, more precisely from Bologna, were beginning to venture into this so intriguing artistic mood, creating music in the most hybrid and uncontaminated way that could be imagined. There was a lot of "naif-ism" in their productions, but much enthusiasm too and lots of creativity. Very soon a little group of devote followers came out which baptized this movement as "underskin" to emphatize this kind of music as completely OUT of any limitating commercial's logic. (and whose assimilation happened going thru the body skin to reach even deeper the listeners' souls) To cut this story short, they were making music with the only purpose of having fun and having other people to feel the same. These artists then decided to invent a fake music label to be considered as their trademark. The Pedale Baroque Records was born. Everything was ironic, deliberately provocatory, infact not only Pedale baroque Records didn't legally exist, but neither produced or was able to produce and commercialize records, because the technology of those times for private and not majors' produced music was still limited to tape only. So, a huge amount of DEMOTAPES came out fast, the way all home music and indipendent tried to get attention with. Internet still was a long way to come, so it was all about going to the post and send small packages, hoping to get the interest of some record label or some producer. The "Pedale Baroque" production was huge. They didn't care about nobody appeared to offer them a recording deal. The fuel to go on was the energy itself which was coming out of the creative act. And then the fans' love. As a further tam tam there was a small local radio station (called Radio Città del capo n.d.r.) who used to broadcast much Pedale Baroque's music and the atmosphere was always electrifying anyway.

All this happened until the first nineties, approximately. Times were changing. Many of those artists lose their way. But not Pedale Baroque, who kept on (even if at a much slower rhythm) producing projects of very interesting bands and always out of the typical commercial logic. And in spite of the fact that no Pedale Baroque's project has ever been commercially released, THE LEGEND IS BACK!! Infact, after 20 years the Pedale Baroque resume its opera just from where it was stopped. Balumba Tombo was with many probabilities, the last album released at that time, and after that Balumba Tombo Reloaded appeared in 2007 with its sequel Balumba Tombo revolution appearing only two years later. Wow, what a story! And it's not finished, "Malacca Patacca" revamped the legend a few months ago, as the successor of the Balumba Tombo's compilations. 11 new tracks which are still sounding inside our ears and souls.
And what? Only 3 months later a new mini album called "The Earthquake E.P." is here. And you're not dreaming, Pedale Baroque stroke again in 2014 with "Fretta & Furia" with 12 new tracks ready to rock your world. And for FREE!!!

And if you don't still have enough, now there's "Kon-Tiki-Taki-Tah 2", with 9 new exciting tracks (plus an hidden bonus) available on bandcamp. What are you waiting for? Go listen!!

But let's look at this brand new compilation, that's "KON-TIKI-TAKI-TAH 2" (Pedale Baroque, September 2015) now:

Zacharias can't sleep starts with a delightful jem called "Batuffoli di baci" (cottonball kisses) sung for the very first time ever in their long career, in Italian and featuring the sweet voice of Francesca Scorzoni, a good friend of Pedale Baroque. The song is a perfect mix of childish and never grown enough adults with their ability to feel pure love and pure affection, keeping intact the curiosity and excitement of all children. There's also an hidden bonus version of this song (available only for customers of the whole CD) with different lyrics. The first half is identical, but like the best movies, the second half is such a surprise. The atmosphere changes and we discover that the protagonists are this time a couple in crisis. They find their way back, thanks only thanks to the cottonball kisses of the title, sort of "pure and so much sweeter and passionate kisses" that only children or adults that managed to keep their "inner child" alive, are able to throw.
Such a rude change with the second song of the album by Magenta Darling, the glam rock combo which already had hits with the previous "We want, would u?" and "Lock your va-jay". So from the childish and delicate atmospheres of Zacharias & co., we find ourselves in the sexy and sensual world of "burlesque". This form of art of the beginning of the last century, consisting in girls, often oversize, to perform strip teases or sexy shows, but in a funny way. The lyrics anyway, suggest instead a sort of inviting metamorposis happening in a special magic woods, where the people feel the urge to feel sexy and arousing all the time. Magenta Darling once again incite to start a sex revolution, leaving the grey everyday routine, to embrace the fun of sex and perform burlesque, but "Burlesque Unmasked" as the title says.
Les Pingouins Pompières are the most cinematic artists at pedale baroque, but this track of theirs is so minimal that could only be the soundtrack of some documentary. But a documentary that we all would love to see (and hear)!!! The song is called "Hallucinage Escamotage" and we bet it's gonna have many fans liking it, in spite of its non-commerciality.
Ok Corral are supplying the 4th song of the album, and what a song!! "Bacteria dreaming" is taking off from their dark wave trademark to land on psychedelic territories and all this with a never frightened desire to explore. The guitars are mixing with hammond organs to create an ambience quite difficult to be described, but pulsing in our head for days. The lyrics are about hypochondria and it's so funny even if so dramatic. You would have already guessed that this song is one of our favourites here. ;-) The song is featuring once again the collaboration of Ali Asanfhat Mukehiri Yazeb, another long time Pedale Baroque habituée.
Brigitte in banca return after the controversial "Facewall" song appeared on "Malacca Patacca" (2012) with an older song with a rewritten chorus. You could expect a not so exciting track, but instead the song is so f***ing fresh and keeps your feet moving at the right rhythm. You dance, you feel the affinity with the story, about that awful moment where the "blaming game" seems to be the only game in a relationship. And there won't be any winner, if not the love itself. The song is infact called "Blame", the thing that nobody wants and everyone wants to give to others.
Gli Eternauti are keeping us a little bit in the dance territory, even if in its intellectual and classy form. The song "Incredibistronzo/a" was origjnally written for another artist, but in the end was recorded by the same authors, and thanks God they did! The song is about assholes, of any sex, and the disgraces they leave on their path. You already heard about it, didn't ya? :-P The Clyster Sisters are singing the backing vocals and there are rumours that they could also record an english version soon. So stay tuned!
Maybe the biggest stars ever at pedale Baroque, Bohèmien Flambé are back with an obscure idea for a song that emerged on an old tape and that was developed and completed in pure "Flambe's style". The song is called "Le séant luminescent" (the luminescent ass) and the lyrics are about the first sexual urges of kids, when there's nothing well-defined, but only the desire to explore the world of the adults. In a very delicate and quite funny way, it's a sex story for and with children. But no pedophiles, luckily. LOL
"Nicego strasnogo" is the 8th song of "Kon-tiki-taki-tah 2" and it means "nothing serious". Leonid Sdjalayev wrote it for a young boy who met at Pedale Baroque, who was in big depression because he's a rapper artist that was never considered good enough to have his own debut on Pedale Baroque records' label. Everything was going good. Prof. Aramis Passepartout, the producer, said ok for this song to go on "Kon-tiki-taki-tah 2" but in the end the young boy thought that it wasn't the style he wanted and he decided not to record it. Leonid, instead of feeling angry with him, he insisted to have the young boy making his debut on the next compilation due for release on late november of the same year and completed the song the way he wanted, in a pure Sdjalayev SOVIET style. The music remained quite the same, but all the rapped parts disappeared, leaving space to new melodies and the result is that we like it a lot!!! You would never guess that it started as a rap thing! Spassiba Leonid and so bad you're already back in prison as we write this. (more infos about the sad story of this wonderful artist are in the artists' pages)
Jonah's Jubilee close the CD with "Decomposing shakiness and peering in". You probably already heard of Jonah's Jubilee, because recently they are becoming one of the more active pedale baroque's acts. They were featured in many IFAR compilations (Institute of alien research, net label specialized in concrete music) and recently they also released an entire CD called "Going blind for the weekend, going mute for the rest of our lives", available on bandcamp. And they get involved in many other projects as well. The style is experimental/concrete music, and no more the pop things of the past, but we're sure you will hear of J.J. more and more in the future, because they are becoming such a name in the concrete/experimental music scene. The song they are presenting here is actually an old recording that was originally made for a spoken word performance but it was never used and now was completed for the occasion. That's all by now folks! See you soon!

P.S.: Once again we hope that the music business (which is having a very bad time, really) finally acknowledges these artists. The air we breathe is fizzy. "Trust" is the word. And in spite of the world's musical situation resembles more to a principle of an apocalypse than to something else, we strongly believe that only from the ashes of something a new beginning could start. So we warmly hope that this new musical beginning can be labeled Pedale Baroque TOO.

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